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Promoting Pure, Part bred, and Anglo Arabian Horses in Northern England

Annual General Meeting 12/1/14

COMMENCED 11.00 am - delayed 11.20 pending arrival of EM due to car mechanical failure PRESENT:-

Melanie Gaddas-Brown (MGB), Nick Brown (NB), Wendy Marr (WM), Pamela Duker (PD), Alan Duker (AD), Angela Johnson (AJ), Sarah Ashford (SA), Alison Douglas (ADo), Elaine Mann (EM)

APOLOGIES;- John Fox (JF), Moira Butterfield (MB)

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS AGM - accepted, no business arising

EM arrived, and apologised for the delay to Chair. Meeting continued over lunch.

ELECTIONS 2014-17 - retiring 2013 were PD & WM - both committee members willing to restand. Proposed by SA, seconded by AD - carried


The accounts had been prepared by MGB, balanced to the bank account and circulated to committee illustrating an overall ‘cash’ loss of £1190 on the previous year. Group reserves now stand at £16,399 credit, a healthy position, but given three years lossess, not one that we can become complacent, and the show should look to break even/profit going forward with a request to ensure budgets were reviewed using the 2013 figures held.

Discussion around Judges expenses - committee decided to ensure that Judges would be advised in writing of the method/amount of reimbursement to be paid for judging at the show with the mileage undertaken from /to the judges residence to the showground using a mid range Euro rate to calculate the amount as advised in the ECAHO ‘Blue Book’.

WM advised Chair that although roles for the show were split amongst the committee at the last meeting due to the work load for one person, in reality if she were to continue as Show Secretary in 2014 she would wish to have control over all the aspects of the show. WM felt that this would give her confidence, that tasks had been undertaken and on time, as the ultimate responsibility would rest with the named Show Secretary.

WM felt that an example were the current set up had not workied, was the need to request cheques to be sent or invoices paid whilst thte cheque book remained under the control of the Treasurer. MGB advised that this had not been the case for some time as MGB had seen the difficulty and had sent a cheque book to PD some months earlier to assist.

Company Northern Arabian Horse Limited

MGB explained that she had identified a potential risk in our procedures which had arisen when the group had dispensed with the use of an external auditor for the annual accounts prior to submission to the accountant, and subsequent sign off by the Chair. As such she had requested that the role of Treasurer was seperated from the show/administration in 2013 to ensure that the group could demonstrate a clear break between anyone person able to access group accounts to order and pay for goods, prepare end of year final accounts before submitting them to the accountant without external audit. Effectively the Chair was being asked to sign off accounts without any information/figures. Keeping the role of Treasurer separate from Show duties provided an internal accounting control, and was there to protect volunteers as individuals aswell as introducing a risk reduction measure for the protection of the group, the previous situation had not provided this internal control.

WM confirmed that PD would undertake the ‘show production’ workload working with WM who would be ‘Show Secretary’ in name/responsibility. MGB suggested that if this was the arrangement then it would be sensible that PD should be shown as Show Secretary. PD advised that she may wish to enter the show in 2014, and confirmed that it wasnt WM intention to show any stock in 2014. With that in mind MGB suggested given our concerns over conflicts of interest in 2013 with the AHS probationer request we must be seen to operate within the spirit of the rules when it came to access to entry information 2014.

MGB advised that it was not practical, or acceptable for the group Chair to act as Chair, Secretary, Website updater and Treasurer, and suggested that the role of Chair should be restricted to Chair only, leaving the person to be objective and overseeing the interests and continuity of the group. MGB suggested that the role should rotate around the committee every 2,3 years to ensure that everyone was in post. As such MGB advised she was willing to pass the baton. WM suggested PD may take up the role. PD advised that she would undertake the role reluctantly if there was noone else to do it.

MGB advised that the role should be a singular role only and therefore questioned doubling this up with the role of show organisor when there were other members of committee with no assigned role available. MGB suggested that as the Chair had ultimate responsibility for the group the appointed person needed to stand outside the main roles, to be able to make objective decisions and undertake actions as appropriate.. MGB observed that the group had already reduced from a paid ‘membership’ to a web based non-paying members, had reduced its activities and become a committee to run a show. The running of show had become polarised with the majority of the committee lacking access/involvement to the basics if called on to step in to assist in case of an emergency.

WM suggested that the accounts laid out most of the infomation required and could be used to tick off jobs/requirements for the show 2014. AD suggested that an updated list of everyones information and contact details were circulated to the entire committee.

SA suggested that current roles remain as they were, seconded by NB - carried

MGB suggested the following compromise, that she would continue as chair for 2014 to be reviewed at the next AGM with the potential to be rotatered.

WM to be appointed as Show Secretary, and Company Director in 2014 with full control over the planning and production of the show 2014 with the exception of Stewards which would be undertaken by John Fox.

Company Northern Arabian Horse Limited

PD to be appointed Company Secretary and registered at Companies House, replacing EM would be appointed as a Group Treasurer and Company Director.

All show accounts to be sent to Elaine Mann for summary presentation prior to submission to the Chair/Accountant, providing an internal audit which would be to be benefit of the group and protect the individuals. Mandates completed to increase the sole signatory limit for each cheque raised from £250 to £400 per cheque. WM to hand mandates into bank as ID and VA required by herself

Seconded EM - carried

NCB suggested more advertising for the show. MGB suggested that we look at the Horse and Hound. PD advised that this was a waste of time/money. SA thought that we should look at increased advertising including the H&H to try and promote the show. - carried - MGB to look at H&H and advise A Johnson who remains in control of advertising/PR

PD has prepared the show schedule which was circulated at the meeting. AJ & SA confirmed that they would act as stewards as required, EM advised that Alec Knott and his partner were agreeable as normal to act as stewards. PD to provide MGB with an email copy of the schedule following the meeting, with an update when this has been accepted by the AHS and is available for circulation to the membership

Draft accounts/receipts etc given to PD by MGB who offered to drop off at accountants

Meeting closed