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Promoting Pure, Part bred, and Anglo Arabian Horses in Northern England

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Northern Arabian Horse Ltd. Annual General Meeting Sunday 17th November 2007. Held at the Bridge Inn Walshford, Wetherby. North Yorkshire.

11.15am. Meeting Opened by the Chair Melanie Gaddas-Brown.

Present. Melanie Gaddas-Brown (MGB) Elaine Mann (EM) Pamela Gula-Walker (PGW) Alison Douglas (AD) John Fox (JF) Wendy Marr. (WM) Nick Brown. (NB)

Apologies for Absence. Gill Williamson. Leslie Hartley. Ann Potts

Chairs Report. (MGB)

With good fortune the Annual Two day show at Wetherby (Race Course) was able to go ahead. The weather playing the major factor, due to ground conditions. Luckily it dried up and the show was well supported.

Efforts need to be made to recruit new members. Current membership total thirty; this would help secure the future continuation of the regional group. New members bring new ideas and initiatives and ensure that there are volunteers when retirements or Committee members leave or retire etc.

A discussion followed regarding paid up members.

Keeping in touch with members by e-mail was discussed. Though it had to be born in mind that some members are not on e-mail.

AD is producing labels of members for information flyers.

MGB stated that AD and PGW had created a date base of Show entrants so as to be able to notify them of any events organised by the Group.

MGB informed the meeting that any committee member could up-date the Groups Website.

Treasures Report. (PGW) (Affiliations)

The Groups fiancés were in good order In January 2007 the Balance was 11,499.00 Pounds . Now at November 2007 it was 13.623.00 pounds

JF queried why the Interest on the expenditure showed that the 2007 lower than the 2006. MGB explained that the Bank had changed the Tariff on the A/C. JF accepted this.

PGW stated that 23 cheques could be issued or deposited each month without charges.

Though the Group was a Ltd company now, it was confirmed that the original Society Account would be run along side the Ltd A/C.

The Committee agreed that the monies in the A/C to be transferred to a High Interest Business A/C. PGW to this.

EM/MGB/PGW discussed the Arab Horse Society Rosettes how many did the Group have. MGB stated that the Group had enough Class Winners Rosettes. Would only need to order some Championship Rosettes.

MGB asked if we were affiliated to the National Pony Society. Confirmed the Group was. MGB then requested that the cost to be found out re; affiliation to Ponies U/K

MGB then proposed whether the Group would have a 15 years plus horse event. Those for. None. Those against six (6)

MGB request verification of the Judges Expenses for the 2006/2007. They were the same. No increase. It was noted that the Judges would possibly be charging expenses as the EACHO rules for 2008.

MGB stated that the end of year accounts had to be submitted to the Accountant. PGW stated that they were ready. MGB to take to Chipchase/Manners Accountants at Middlesbrough. MGB also asked whether the Group wished to change the Accountants. The Group were happy to keep Chipchase/Manners.

Council Member Report. (EM) (Arab Horse Society)(AHS)

There followed a discussion regarding the AHS. There was some dissatisfaction as to how the Society was being run and regarding the cost of the Annual National Show at Malvern. JF stated that it cost approximately 100.000 pounds for the week. The Group believed that the Cost of the show could be used to buy the Societies own venue etc. Also the premises of the Society seemed a luxury to have. It was proposed that the Group should attend the AGM (28/3/08) and ask questions from the floor regarding the Societies Problems and Expenditure.

Appointment of Officers

MGB stated that she would step down and hand over the Chair to refresh the position. The Committee declined and were happy that MGB remain as Chairman. Carried.

MGB. Chair Administration and Website.

AD. Advertising. Membership Data Base.

EM. Show Secretary. Insurance. Show Entries. Point of Contact.Council Member

WM. Catering. Show Reports.

PGW. Treasurer. Affiliations. Judges. Accommodation. First Aid Cover.

JF. Stewards.

NCB. Rosettes. Announcer

Points Award

Group A. Pure Bred In-Hand. Winner.Paula Collins. Cheque for Ten (10) pounds.

Group B. Anglo. Part Bred Arab In-Hand. Winner Pamela Gula-Walker. Cheque for Ten (10) Pounds.

Group C. Ridden Pure Bred Arab. No Returns

Group D. Ridden Anglo/Part Bred Arab. Winner. Pamula Gula-Walker. Cheque for Ten (10) Pounds.

Group E. No Returns.

Group F. No Returns.

Treasurer to Issue Cheques for the winners.

Proposed Judges for 2008 Show at Wetherby Race Course.

C Show. Ridden Horse. Fiona Grant-Chivers. (Confirmed)

               In Hand. Males. Peter Gamlin. (Still to be contacted. – To be offered to Steve

                                                                  Parsons if unconfirmed. Either by EM or PGW.

               In Hand. Females. Mary Anne Wragg. (Confirmed)

               Part Breds and Anglos. Mrs Arnold. (Confirmed)

EM. Requested that at the next meeting that the Judges for 2009 shows to be discussed.

PGW.Stated that the DCs for the show would be. Patricia Grant and Mr Angold.

PGW. Stated that the Accommodation for Judges and Stewards had been booked at the Swan Guest House. (six (6) Rooms)

MGB Proposed that a meal allowance for the Judges and Stewards to be Twenty (20) Pounds. Seconded by JF. Carried.

JF. Stated that the Stewards for the Show had been arranged. Saturday Night Accommodation required only for John Bemross. Alec Knott.

PWG. Stated that she had made enquiries regarding First Aid Cover at the Shows which includes the Amateur Show. She had approached Medical Solutions and Pro-care. After discussion it was carried that St. Johns Ambulance would cover the Shows again. PGW to arrange.

MGB Proposed that a surcharge of £2.50p be added to the entries for 2008 for First Cover. Group discussed the issue; but decided that a £2.00 surcharge was sufficient. Agreed.

Amateur Show for 2008 at Wetherby Race Course.

Judges. Ridden. David Froggat.

             In Hand. Kirsty Brown.

Stewards. John Fox.

First Aid. St. Johns Ambulance.

Sound System for the Two days.

JF. Stated that John Bemross one of the Stewards could arrange the Announcer System. Would contact and inform the committee.

MGB Confirm the Booking of the Show Ground.

JF highlighted that Cycle Race Problem with the Horses Boxes entering the Race Course where the Charity Cycle Race Starts.. Can it be altered? To be investigated by MGB.

MGB. Stated that a New Event was being arranged. Called the Spring Ridden Event

Discussion took place about it. It was proposed by PGW why there couldn’t be any in-hand classes. Followed a further discussion. JF proposed to keep the show to Ridden for 2008 and see how it went. Committee. Agreed.

Location Proposed Bishop Burton and dates available. EM to arrange.

If not available Richmond Equestrian Centre

MGB requested nominations for the Ridden Judge. EM suggested Kath Oldroyd. EM to contact.

NCB Suggested 2nd Judge. Confirmation. EM suggested Mrs Hedley. EM to arrange

Schedule just needs slight amendments lifted from the Summer Amateur Show. PGW and MGB to sort out.

JF stated that he would be Steward.

PGW to arrange with St. Johns Ambulance.

NCB Suggested Flyers to Local Riding clubs, Feed Merchants etc. Agreed.

MGB Requested Insurance Cover for the Show. EM to arrange.


Date and Time of Next Meeting. 11am 13th January 2008 at the Bridge Inn. Walshford. Wetherby.