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Promoting Pure, Part bred, and Anglo Arabian Horses in Northern England

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Bridge inn, Walshford, Wetherby

Meeting commenced 10.45 a.m

Present - Melanie Gaddas-Brown (MGB), Elaine Mann (EM), Angela Johnson (AJ), Dianne Johnson (DJ), Jenna Snowden (JS), Alan Duker (AD), Wendy Marr, (WM) Pamela Duker (PD), Alison Douglas (AD), Sarah Ashford (SA), Nick Brown NB)

Apologies for absence - John Fox, Moira Butterfield, Alison Ainsley, Liz Downes, Tony Fretwell

AGM 2011 minutes - Proposed to be taken as read, Elaine Mann, seconded by Pamela Duker - carried unanimously

Matters arising - PD noted that advertising costs weren nil in 2012 and had little impact on entries, and as such questioned the value of advertising in 2013. EM advised that AHS yearbook advertising was available to the group if we could get the advert to them asap, she believed the cost to be around £90 for a page and should be considered to keep the groups show profile visible, include next 2/3 years dates within the advert, and that as a consequence Bishop Burton as a venue should be booked for those future dates - EM proposed, seconded SA - carried

Elections - Re-election Alison Douglas, Sarah Ashford and Elaine Mann - all willing (ha ha) to restand for election, no requests for consideration to committee received - re-elected to serve for another three years

Formalisation of co-optees brought onto Committee 2011/12 - Angela Johnson was offered to take up a vacant position on committee to serve for three years - accepted and officially brought onto NAHL committee. Moira Butterfield was not able to be present at the meeting but will be offered the same opportunity, should she wish to accept at the next committee meeting

Chairs overview of 2012 - Membership continues to be concern and will be covered off in item ‘a” of ‘Other Business’ . MGB advised that the group was long overdue an overhaul and as part of an internal due diligence the group needed to undertake a full review its structures, roles, and cost base to ensure that it didnt expose its people, and finances to unnecessary risk and could be seen to be ‘professional’ in its structure. This had already begun with the items proposed for discussion under ‘other business’

Treasurers report 2012 - PD presented the group with the draft accounts, which showed a profit as at 2011 of £56.92, and a predicted loss in 2012 of (£68.28) - MGB requested a breakdown of miscellanous item £413 which included accountants fees of £300+, purchase of megaphone and other smaller items. Cheque had not been cashed for £40 for one of the B&B which was not used by the Judge, and was hopeful that the B&B owner had decided not to charge for the unused room which would reduce the expected loss further. Affliation costs reduced dramtically as the group had not taken up the additional AHS rossettes, which had to be purchased at an additional cost. EM advised that the AHS had required this for a number of years. The consensus of opinion was that due to the number and quality of the rosettes given out by the group the lack of these rosettes had gone unnoticed. Clinic in Northumberland had made a slight profit, with most of the cost of the day taken up by the ridden professional who charged £140 for the afternoon, but had used in house volunteers for the in hand section on the morning which was covered by MGB and stewarded by NB at no cost to the group.

Judges, Stewards, DCs costs had risen by £173, which could have been less, unfortunately two rooms were not used in the end, and will be tightened up for 2013. Committee meetings costs had been reduced.

Trophy costs had risen significantly and MGB wondered whether sponsership of ‘feed’ instead of trophies may be appropriate - WM suggested that vouchers would be easier, Spillers, Baileys etc and this could be discussed at committee meetings going forward

MGB advised that creation of a the new generic email address for the group also formed part of her review with its own linked paypal account in case of need. The effectively uncoupled the email, and paypal address from Chairs own personal internet provider, which could be problematic if the Chair resigned or changed provider in the future. This also enabled the group to independent of any individual, and would serve to reduce risk.

MGB advised group that as part of the review process historically the accounts had been subject to ‘audit’ and hence the Treasurer had brought all accounting information to the meeting to allow the group to review/audit at the meeting which would allow the Treasurer to forward the accounts to the accountant, Gillbeck, Bardsey of Leeds, following the AGM - request proposer for the accounts to be accepted - WM, seconded SA - carried unanimously

Continuation to appoint/continue with appointed accountants - Gillbeck, Bardsey - MGB had been disappointed with levels of service 2012 when company return had been late and reminer received from Companies House, however this was felt to be a one off rather than a pattern. Proposed AD, seconder Wm - carried unanimously

Show Secretaries report - Good feed back from exhibitors and Judges with regard to the new venue.

2013 - Spring Show - Judges booked - In hand Ryan Jones - Ridden Jane Miller - Ryan Jones had indicated that he may not required accommodation which would help show costs

2013 - Summer Show - Judges Booked - ECAHO - Annette Dixon - Females, Janet Court - Males - Peter Whitlow Part breds, home produced etc. HOYS ridden, Frances Atkinson, other ridden Salley Wrigglesworth.

WM expressed real concern that she had struggled with the ridden judge deferring their decision, having expressed some concerns about the distance, and the length of time to travel to the show. MGB had liased with WM over this matter and had suggested that the group should advise the party, due to the need to secure a judge for an important showing class, unfortunately on this occasion, the group had decided to offer the ride to an alternative judge. EM thought that there was an element of selective choice of which show/s they were willing to judge and this should be fed back to the Shows and Events Committee, as the groups could not ring judges 2/3 times to see if they have made their minds up. EM suggested that Chair should inform the S&EC of the difficulties to ensure that they are aware of the situation. WM - had been able to secure two excellent ridden judges in the meantime who had expressed their delight at being offered the chance to judge at our show, and the group were more than pleased with WMs selection of judges

EM,MGB suggested that the next three years dates should be booked with Bishop Burton to secure the venue for the group after hearing of some issues that other groups were experiencing with their venues

Draft Show schedule presented at the meeting with amended closing date of 2nd June 2013, just to add a bit of terror into the Show Secretaries life!

Welfare Report - EM - Two welfare cases, one where help was sought to rehome horses, and the group helped with feed, support and advice which had a positive outcome. The second were no help sought, and which had become a high profile case resulting in the couple being found guilty and who had received a ban, fine as a result. The general feeling was that this was a sad state of affairs, but all horses now had either been rehomed or put to sleep and as such there was no action to be taken by the group

Other business proposals -

Membership review -

Paid membership/event discounts proposed to be discountined due to falling participation, with social media, facebook and website membership far exceeding paid up membership. - On-line social media membership not to entitle the holders to any financial stake or voting rights within the NAH Ltd - Proposed EM - Seconded WM - carried unanimously

Committee numbers to be a maximum of 12 participating parties with a minimum of 5 present to form a quorum - Proposed MGB, Seconded SA - carried unanimously

AGM to be able to be held anytime with given notice between October - December to allow for adverse weather conditions with an open invitation for ‘notified’ attendance posted on the group website and social media page, (to allow for an appropriate size of room to be booked) - Proposed MGB, seconded PD carried unanimously

Two Directors and a Company Secretary to be apponted and notified to companies house, with the roles fotating every three years in line with the current term served on committee, excluding the Group Chair whos will serve as a Company Director during their period of Chairmanship - WM proposed an amendment to the item to allow any one on committee who had already served on committee for minimum of three years to be allowed to take up the role of a Director, should they so wish - Seconded EM - carried unanimously

To revoke the requirement ot nominate a member of the AHS Council to the committee as this had become unworkable as the group struggled with representation on council - Proposed MGB, Seconded EM - carried unanimously

Any other business - MGB suggested that the committee needed to look at what would happen to the group funds should the group ever disband/discountinue as no individual should be seen to be able to profit personally from the activities or discountinuation of the group, hence it was important to review our due diligence with regard to paypal and group finances, and the overall funds in the case of non continuation - Chair proposed that funds should be sent to the AHS main body ring fenced for a future Northern Group or events in this area - No decision made to be carried forward to the next meeting

Meeting closed at 12.35 p.m