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Promoting Pure, Part bred, and Anglo Arabian Horses in Northern England

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We have decided to put some of the questions we regularly get asked in the run up to a showing event with the hope that some of you will find the answer to the questions you have wanted to ask, but haven't goes


Q - Will the judge expect to ride the horse in the novice class or would the rider just have to do a flat work piece on the horse?

The judge will ride all the horses (unless declined as being too naughty to ride) with the exception of the 'Young Riders' and 'Part bred under 14.2hh'

Q - Can a rider enter the novice ridden class aged 16 yrs old.

Yes, a young rider can enter the Novice ridden or Open ridden classes, they will be competing against adults, and perhaps other young riders.

Q - For a junior member will the entry fees for classes that are not 'junior classes' be at members reduced senior prices - and can a 'junior member' enter these classes?

Yes, Junior members are able to enter any class, they will not have the advantage of 'age' allowance in these classes. For instance we often have 'young handler' competing in the open in hand classes, as it is the horse that is being judged, but they should be competetant enough to be able to handle their horse safely.

When a Junior member enters these classes they will pay the reduced members entry fees as quoted on the entry form


Q - What/is is the dress code for the in hand classes?

Yes, although not a 'rule' we do expect a smart level of dress at out shows. Exhibitors should be turned out smartly with no cropped shirts or low slung trousers revealing bare flesh as this is inappropriate.

Jeans, sweatshirts and t-shirts are also not appropriate - please also consider colour, bright coloured clothing and footwear is also not appropriate and detracts from the overall picture you are trying to create for the judge. ALL IN ALL YOU WANT THE JUDGE TO LOOK AT YOUR HORSE NOT YOU!

Q - Why do Young Handlers have to wear hard hats, but have not been requested to wear hard hats in the Open classes?

We have some very young children in this class, who appear at the class extremely well turned out, some in full English in hand dress. A percentage of the assessment of the handler is now given to dress standard with all competitors wearing hard hats for safety. This addresses some public concerns and creates a level playing field for all competitors. The wearing of a hard hat in the young handlers class is compulsory at this show for health and safety reasons. - See rules at the end of the show schedule. It is a parental decision if a handler under 16 years enters an 'Open class' without the necessary protective headgear - The committee would strongly suggest that under 16's should be encouraged to wear hard hats when showing in hand.

Q - Home produced classes.Do you have to have bred the horse yourself? or does it mean brought on ourselves?

Home produced classes - Your horse does not need to have been bred by yourself

Q - Home produced what is the specification for these classes?

The handler/rider is not to have been paid for showing or producing, training of any horse for a third party, this includes any remuneration as employment, casual showing, or any in-kind benefits whatsoever.

The horse is not to have been stabled on a professional yard on show or training livery in 2012, not to have been show by a professional in 2012, nor must it have received 'regular' training or schooling from a visiting professional in 2012. In the case of ridden horses this would not include occasional lessons where the owner/rider rides their own horse.

Q - How can I get my horses tail whiter?

In the old days a good wash with soap flakes was always the way to do it with a final finishing rinse with water that included a laundry blue bag (for a white wash).....but these days there are concerns over suitability and potential sensitivity of your horse etc, and therefore we cannot recommend some of the old ways of doing things anymore.

There are many, many products to choose from, so it may be worth sticking with a branded name. We have businesses that regularly attend the show and will bring product or post to you prior to the event.

Q - Where can I purchase an in hand bridle for my Arab, and have some advice on type to suit?

The same businesses that stock show cleaning products also stock items of horse wear specially for Arabians, they will be able to help you. You must remember that some items of 'training equipment' for instance neck sweats are prohibited, although readily available for purchase. Glitter in the ridden class and products that change coat colour or hoof colour are also not allowed. It is important to read the showing rules carefully at the end of the schedule to ensure that you are compliant.

There are other companies out there, but we have included these businesses as they consistently attend and support the Northern Group Shows - below are links to their websites. -